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don't let go of what matters most

Don’t Let Go of What Matters Most

In my quest for a simpler life, and as a result of my choices, a more joyful life; I’ve gotten rid of a lot of “things.”  I blogged about my process here over the last year or so on a handful of occasions.   It’s been an interesting process in…

clean eating

Journey to Clean Eating {Living} + Soul Space Update

Well it’s been a while since I’ve shared on the clean eating (which is really a focus on clean living).  The clean eating part is not going as well as I’d like it to.  I am still learning and also trying to define what that means for me.  Chemicals in…

bedroom inspiration

My Soul Space Continues

Many of you know I’m in the middle of a process called Soul Space. I’ll probably be in the middle of this process for the rest of my life, constantly tweaking things here and there to fit where I’m at in my life and in my space and I think…

soulspace book

5 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Special

We are on the Elevate stage in the Soul Space process, which I love.  This is the part of the process that really feels yummy to me.  This stage is all about those little extras added to a space to truly make it a special and memorable experience…yes, experience. It…

2015 in 2015 declutter challenge

Getting Rid of 2015 Items I No Longer Need

Through my process with SoulSpace, which you can see a little bit about my progress here and here and here, I found out about a website called Nourishing Minimalist and their annual decluttering challenge.  They’ve been doing the challenge themselves since 2008..meaning in 2008, they got rid of 2008 items…

linda watson hanging

SoulSpace Continues…Is Space a Good Thing?

Most would say that having extra space…clean space is a good thing.  It keeps the mind clear, the heart clear, makes life much more peaceful.  Yet, I discovered yesterday that “extra” space is not necessarily a good thing.  Yes, I love the clutter free life and can feel the difference…

soulspace book

Soul Space…the Beginning

My dear friend, Amy Putkonen, introduced me to the book, SoulSpace: Transform Your Home, Transform Your Life — Creating a Home That Is Free of Clutter, Full of Beauty, and Inspired by You. This book is a life-changing process of creating a space that truly makes your soul sing. It’s…


Kickstarting My Soul Space

A couple of months ago, I decided I’d had enough of some items I’d been moving around with me over the past few years…items that I didn’t seem to need but also couldn’t seem to bring myself to fully go through and either toss or find a home for…here or…

sacred space

Creating My Virtual Space

I recently read a post by Hannah Marcotti about why she deleted a comment on a photo she had shared.  Someone had commented that the photo was “weird” (it wasn’t weird to me…very beautiful and reflective) and she simply deleted their comment. My first reaction was thinking that it was…


Life Lesson 21: The Reflections of Our Environment

I’ve noticed lately that I have been in a purging pattern.  I look around me and see so many things that I don’t need to have around…and I’m ready to let them go.  I’ve cleaned out closets, clothes, furniture, papers, books, etc.  It’s such a good sign for where I…