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Largest Candy Store

Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store


Recipes from the Grave

I was scrolling through TikTok (also known as “I read this somewhere” so I sound more legit) and came across a video that blew my mind. Did you know it’s actually a thing for people to have a favorite recipes on their gravestones?? I had no idea but how cool…

Calvary Cemetery

Calvary Cemetery

My first experience with Calvary Cemetery in St. Paul, MN was looking for a lost dog in the middle of the night.  We drove around that cemetery where there had been a recent sighting for a couple of hours in case he appeared again.  Although it was dark, we could…

Baboon Monkey

Our First Cruise

We recently went on our first cruise.  It was our first vacation since going to Colorado last fall and much needed.  We chose this cruise because our oldest and her husband went on the same one and we knew they’d be able to provide us with some tips and it…

Sunshine On Flower

Sunshine On My Shoulders

I’m always looking for fun and different things to do and this one fit the bill.  I recently attended a performance celebrating the life of John Denver at the Plymouth Playhouse near my home in Minnesota.  I have loved John Denver for most of my life, if not all of…


Sending 2015 Off with a Bang

Back in the 80’s, one of my absolute favorite bands was REO Speedwagon.  I didn’t have their album and really had no way to play it, if I had been able to get it as the stereo was pretty much off-limits to us.  What I did have was a cassette…

Maria Muldaur

Way After Midnight

When I was a young girl back in the 70’s, I always knew my mom was about to do a big clean of the house.  She’d disappear into the sunroom and I’d hear her fiddling around in there.  Pulling out that beloved album and placing it carefully on the turn…

Michael Franti

Michael Franti in Concert

This was one of our many concerts scheduled for, what we are referring to as, Concert Tour 2015.  I have a deep love for Michael Franti.  I saw him for the first time last year at the Basilica Block Party and it was probably one of the best, if not…

Purple Flower

Wild River Adventures

It’s been a while since I shared a post focused a bit more on pictures I’ve taken so I thought I’d take some time now to do so. Of course, there’s more here than a few pictures that I want to share. This past holiday weekend trip marks the first…


You Only Live Once Part Two

This is part two of a series.  I still don’t know how many there will be but there’s at least two right now. *smiles*  Read Part One here. Eventually, we did reach the waterfall.  It was a small but glorious waterfall, surrounded by shades of green and brown. We spent…

Deer in the Forest

You Only Live Once Part One

This past weekend, we journeyed to Banning State Park for some much needed relaxation and time away from our daily lives. I purchased a gently used but older pop-up camper a couple of months ago that we would call home for our time there.  We were joined by a couple…

Wild Hair

Wild Abandon

I have a rule. 60 + sunny. That means it’s nice enough to put the top down on my car. She and I can become one with the wind as we drive down the road together with the music as loud as it can go. It makes a mess of…