Soul Space…the Beginning

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soulspace bookMy dear friend, Amy Putkonen, introduced me to the book, SoulSpace: Transform Your Home, Transform Your Life — Creating a Home That Is Free of Clutter, Full of Beauty, and Inspired by You. This book is a life-changing process of creating a space that truly makes your soul sing.

It’s one of those books that I find I can only read in small chunks because the information is hitting me so deeply…the timing is right.

I’d already started working with an organizer because I was tired of having a wall-full of boxes I just couldn’t seem to being myself to deal with in my garage. I wanted things to be organized and I wanted to get rid of things I no longer needed. You can read more about that process here.

This book provided an opportunity to take that process further and really bring my home to a place I could find myself again and again.

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again. ~ Joseph Campbell

I’m looking forward to going through this process…some on my own as it feels very personal to me and some with others through Amy’s book study group via Facebook. I decided to get a head start and chose the bathrooms and my kitchen to do a few things on today.

I took a look and assessed first what was bugging me in these spaces. In my bathroom, I feel like I’m missing artwork on one of the walls. This piece I haven’t solved yet. I’m searching for that perfect piece.

I also needed a new way to hang a towel…a small factor but an annoying one none the less. My husband likes to hang his towel over the shower door to dry. He feels it dries faster spread out. He can’t be convinced otherwise. So when I go to take my shower…one of my favorites parts of my day, I have to move and fold his towel and hang it where it goes before I can climb in. Buying a towel bar that goes over the door allows him to now hang his towel spread out and I don’t have to move it. I love that this stressor was so easy to fix and over and done with now.

The spare bathroom was recently decorated when my daughter got her first apartment so I’m pretty happy with it BUT I hadn’t purchased a liner for the shower curtain when I did it. I hadn’t figured it would be used so I didn’t figure it mattered but it’s always felt incomplete and it has been used and then the cloth shower curtain gets all wet. I bought a liner today.

towelIn the main floor bathroom, I hadn’t gotten an appropriate bath towel for hand drying and was just using a towel from the kitchen. It always bothered me even though it matched colorwise…it was just white. Today I bought two hand towels that will be used in this bathroom…two, in fact, so I have a back up if one is dirty. I love how plush they are and how they are the same as my other bath towels so I can mix and match wherever I feel guided.

I would also like some sort of decorative basket with a lid or a nice looking cabinet that I can put a few things in but it isn’t necessary and I haven’t found the perfect one so I’ll keep looking.  I’m not exactly sure what it will end up looking like…just something to hold a few supplies since there aren’t any cupboards or anything in there.

rugI also bought a rug for in front of my sink in the kitchen…there’s more to do in this space but it was an easy purchase and something I’ve wanted for a while.

So less than an hour at the store, all few minutes walking around the house, and then putting everything in place which only took a few minutes as well…I can’t tell you how much energy I’ve spent over the past several months thinking about these things and in a short time and little effort most of them are resolved.

I’ve talked about energy wasted before by those little things that nag at us…what can you take care of today?

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