My Soul Space Continues

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Many of you know I’m in the middle of a process called Soul Space. I’ll probably be in the middle of this process for the rest of my life, constantly tweaking things here and there to fit where I’m at in my life and in my space and I think that’s okay.  This particular round is with a group of about 100 people on Facebook in a private group setting.  I’ve shared bits and pieces along the way here and here and here and finally here, when I decided to do the 2015 in 2015 decluttering challenge as a part of my process (I’m over 550 items now gone).

My journey has continued, although sharing here a lot if hasn’t.  While I believe sharing is a powerful part of the process, actually doing the work is as well and much of my focus has been there.  I’ve spent free time visiting different stores, searching on Pinterest, etc. looking for inspiration and things that would serve me well to include in my space.  It’s all about finding balance and I’ve been knee deep in the process.  Here are a few of the highlights.

I’ve done a little more in my kitchen but not much was needed.  There isn’t much in there that’s needed in terms of it feeling like it works well for me and I like how it looks.  Still looking for a perfect picture or something to go on one of the walls in there. I did find a new cart, which we’d been looking for…

20150131_083859This cart fold up and can be tucked away when not needed but also houses a few items so I can keep my counters clean.  It can also be used to add serving space to the counter area when company comes over.

The living room is still void of artwork with the a couple of exceptions.  I’ve added a couple of pieces that I love.  Here’s one but the pictures not great.

FB_IMG_1422148837510My main focus is finding the perfect piece for above the couch…a statement piece…that we both love.  This has not been an easy part of the process.  It’s frustrating to me that it seems to be so challenging and I’m really not sure where we will land.  I have a general idea of what I’m looking for but have not come across anything that’s even close.  In due time, I’m sure the perfect piece will appear.

I’ve also added this ottoman which you’re seeing pieces here.   It could seat 2-4 people on the main ottoman piece but also has 4 smaller ottomans that tuck away inside of it.  Total possible extra seating 6-8.  The tops flip over and become trays that can be used for eating or play games on and the 4 smaller ottomans can sit around it so there’s seating for 4 additional people to eat.  I’m thinking family and friends…times when lots of space is needed.  The smaller ottomans also fit perfectly under our side tables so two have been placed there and that created the storage space I wanted, one space for blankets and one for all of our games.  The ottomans may not look very sturdy but they are and they are actually pretty comfortable to hang out on and visit.  We are loving this addition. and can’t wait to try it out with company.


The landing upstairs is complete.  Below is a picture with all the lights on that are possible (except the two candles in the sconces.  The plants just happened to light up but I do prefer just the vine lit up at night.  It’s a really nice glow and provides some extra light for moving around.  This was a real bonus for me since Chip and I had several disagreements about pieces for this space and we talked through all of those (really good conversation) and then I found items that I knew we would both love and it was done.  Having that conversation was so important, not just for this process, but also for our relationship.  It’s amazing what comes up during times like this.


The driftwood reminded me of a vacation we took a couple of years ago so I added this (sorry the picture isn’t better.  We chose the pictures together and they are ones we really like.  It’s just hard to see in the picture below…

duluth tripHere’s where the pictures are in relationship to the rest of the landing…

upstairs landing

And the bedroom.  This is also still in the works.  Here’s the inspiration for colors and furnishings…

bedroom inspirationAnd that Andy Warhol print collection?  Finally found frames I love at a reasonable price – I needed 9! I went with the white ones and these will be hung in the guest room/art + sewing space as soon as they are ready.

andy warhol frames

20150112_085207So, these are a few of the highlights.  I’ll continue to work my process and, like I said, will probably be at this on some level for the rest of my life.  Things come up, shift, etc. and I want to be able to shift along with life in a way that feels good and flows well.  I’m hoping that the work I do now will lay a solid foundation for all of that moving forward.  I really want to love my space and have it work well for me and I feel like I’ve made some great progress.

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