5 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Special

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soulspace bookWe are on the Elevate stage in the Soul Space process, which I love.  This is the part of the process that really feels yummy to me.  This stage is all about those little extras added to a space to truly make it a special and memorable experience…yes, experience.

It involves engaging as many of the 5 senses as you can…what do you see…what do you hear…what do you smell…what do you taste…what do you feel.

In a bedroom, you may have luxurious fabrics, soft music, mood lighting, a vagrant candle and maybe even a chocolate on your pillow, if you are at a hotel.

And have you ever walked into a home and you smell something cooking in the kitchen…you hear the sizzle of something in a pan…you walk into the kitchen to see a loved one totally engrossed in the process of making a meal or a special treat…they may have music playing (as I often do) and they may be singing along with the music.  The lighting is bright and cheery.  In that moment, the space has been elevated and an experience has been created.

What can you do to elevate your space?  Here are a few simple tips.

Lighting.  This is my favorite.  I love candles and I love dimmer switches.  My favorite time of the day at home is when it gets dark enough to turn the lights down to just enough to see my way around.  Candles often have a nice scent to them as well so finding candles that either don’t have an aroma or have one you absolutely love is key.  But also make sure if there are areas such as the kitchen or a craft/sewing space that require good strong lighting to do the things you love to do in that space that you have that available.

Plants.  Plants add to the health of your space and the greenery feels good.  It gives us a connection to nature inside our homes.  If you don’t have a green thumb (and I don’t) choose hardy plants that are easy to care for or find someone else in your home to take care of them.  That’s my hubby’s job in our home. And once in a while, bring in some cut flowers for a pop of color and smell.

Fabrics.  Pay attention to the fabrics you choose for your home.  They should feel really good against your skin…even if you aren’t going to be touching them all the time.  Bring in a variety of textures.  This goes for sheets, pillows (both on your bed and decorative/throw pillows), lap blankets, curtains, etc.

Music.  I have wireless speakers on each level of my home in key rooms…living room, guest room and bedroom.  I also have access to music in other ways in the rest of the space.  I have my ipod filled with my favorites and I have very eclectic taste so I put on whatever suits me.  Be sure your devices/speakers put out good sound.  The music should feel rich and clear.

Special Objects.  Whether this is something you’ve purchased yourself that has special meaning or something that’s been passed down through the generations, display objects that have special meaning to you so you can connect to those feelings and/or memories associated with those objects.

These are just 5 ways you can really create a space in your home that feels good to your soul.  What is one thing you’ve done in your home that’s made a huge difference in how a space feels to you?

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