8 Daily Practices to Manage Stress

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8 ways to manage stressLet’s face it…stress happens whether we want it to or not.  It’s a part of life.  And stress isn’t always bad.  It can be the result of a wonderful occasion like moving into the house of your dreams or getting married.  Those situations generally make us happy and they cause stress as well.  I know when I moved into my current home a year ago, the decision to move took me a while to make but once it was done, from the decision being final to moving into my new place was about 15 days total.  I found a place I loved, it showed up almost out of the blue, the landlord and I clicked and I had keys before I’d even signed a lease officially.  This move didn’t just cause me stress but others as well and I would be more mindful of that in the process.  I didn’t need to move right away…that’s just how I function…decision made…make it happen…get ‘er done.  I have no regrets other than an awareness to be more mindful of others in the future and how my actions affect them and I also have an awareness of the amount of stress it caused even though it was all good…so good.

Part of what made it easy for me was having tools in my back pocket that I practice on a regular basis that really keep me pretty even keel at this point in my life when stress walks through that door.  Here’s my favorites…

  1. A practice of gratitude.
  2. Laughter.
  3. Getting plenty of sleep and that includes going to bed at a reasonable hour.
  4. Spending time outside and getting plenty of vitamin D.  This is harder in the winter for sure and I take a supplement to help.
  5. Lots of deep breathing.
  6. Making sure I spend some time every single day doing something I love.
  7. Movement.   Doesn’t have to be “exercise” but some movement every day is important.
  8. Watching what I eat.  For me, this means something different than it might to someone else.  I love to cook so that process of cooking and being creative in the kitchen is a big part of managing my stress.  I also enjoy going out, sitting in a comfortable booth and being served.  The important thing for me is to be mindful about what I’m needing that day.

Hopefully, this list will help you manage your stress.  Are there other techniques you’ve found to be helpful?

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