Creating My Virtual Space

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sacred spaceI recently read a post by Hannah Marcotti about why she deleted a comment on a photo she had shared.  Someone had commented that the photo was “weird” (it wasn’t weird to me…very beautiful and reflective) and she simply deleted their comment.

My first reaction was thinking that it was wrong to just delete it…as if their opinion didn’t count…didn’t matter.

On the other hand, I saw a comment someone had left on someone else’s wall and that person didn’t delete the comment but rather told them not to do it again.  They exchanged a few words around it.  I wondered to myself why they didn’t just ignore it.  The exchange felt dismissive…like deleting a comment would.

Back to Hannah’s post…

I read her post fully and my view completely shifted.  She is so right.

Social media is my living room of sorts. I create it. I decorate it. I decide who walks into it. I pour the wine and put out the cheese and crackers. I invite. I lure. I draw you forth. ~ Hannah Marcotti

No matter how public the space may feel online, it is ours and ours alone…this space we create.  Our websites, our blogs, our social media…it’s all ours to create in a sacred way…a way that feeds our soul and fills our belly with the virtual nourishment we crave.

Yes, the space is very public in so many ways but we get to decide what shows up in our space.  That’s why I blog about whatever I want rather than sticking to a niche…life is crazy and want to write when I feel inspired to write and to write about what I feel inspired to write.  It’s why I do the social media things I want to do and share what I want to share.

BUT I’ve never before looked at it as a sacred space I can create, like I would a physical space.  I’ve never thought about how I really want to show up in that way.  In a way that feels more honoring to me.  Don’t get me wrong…sure, I have given a lot of thought about what I want to share and am doing that but this feels different to me…deeper to me.

I’ve gone off on a few rants on Facebook in the last few months…kind of attacking others for reporting false information or negative information…and I’m feeling bad about that now.  I was in their space when I did that and it wasn’t necessary.  Yes, I want to be an advocate for sharing truth and for focusing on the positive sans the rose colored glasses (I mean life is life and not everything is peachy keen in the world) AND I could have made other choices in those situations.

It was wrong of me to enter their space and shit all over their carpet.   Rather than feel frustrated or even angry about what I was seeing and reading, I could simply stop following that person and let it go…that feels so much more honoring to me.  I don’t always want to disconnect but sometimes it’s really the best choice if what they post regularly doesn’t resonate with me rather than making a mess in their house.  I don’t even need to comment in return to something posted on my wall or comments on my blog in a way I don’t care for if I don’t want to…I can leave it alone or delete it.

Moving forward, I will focus on honoring my space and honoring the space of others.  I will view this virtual space as sacred space.  I’m ready to be filled with the nourishment I crave today.

How do you view your virtual house?


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