Life Lesson 21: The Reflections of Our Environment

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I’ve noticed lately that I have been in a purging pattern.  I look around me and see so many things that I don’t need to have around…and I’m ready to let them go.  I’ve cleaned out closets, clothes, furniture, papers, books, etc.  It’s such a good sign for where I am in my life!  It’s time to let go of all the old that no longer serves me.

After all, our environment is only a reflection of our inner self.  If you are surrounded by clutter, it’s because your soul is cluttered. Look around you today.  What do you see?  Dishes done?  Laundry complete?  Garbage out? Or not??

Do your soul a favor and take a look at your environment…what is it telling you?  Is there something you need to work on?  Something causing you grief?  Something you need to let go of?



Sunset at the Lake 4th of July Weekend. Such a beautiful reflection.

If you want to make space for something in your life like a new relationship or job or money…make space in your closet!  It’s amazing what it can do for your life to have a clean and uncluttered environment around you.


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