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Living Inspired

To live orgasmically, you must create balance in your life.  Balance to me is about looking at what you enjoy, what you feel good, what flows and doing more of that…finding ways to bring more of that into you life on a regular basis.  I like to focus on areas…


Creativity’s Biggest Enemy is Fear

This image has been created by me and may have been shared in the past via social media. I’ve decided to also share here on my blog and would love if you shared with your peeps when you find one that is truly inspiring to you. Chances are, someone you…


Boost Your Creativity through Orgasms

For some time now I’ve felt guided to talk about things of a more private nature, and sometimes even considered taboo.  Relationships, with self and with others, is the main theme.  And that includes sex.  I wrote a post back in my Life Lessons series about how sex is fun…

bread flop

Flopped Creativity

If we are connected on Facebook, you may know I’ve been trying my hand at making bread. I tried first with my new Kitchen-Aid mixer that I got for Christmas.  I made Focaccia bread.  It was meditative to mix all the ingredients…it smelled so wonderful as it baked…I couldn’t wait…


Life Lesson 7: Creativity is Key

Creativity is a key component in our every day life.  It is one of the few things that balances our energetic bodies completely.  It connects us to our intuition. It makes us happy.  It share so much about who we are. When I first started taking painting classes, I was…


Ways to Stay Creative

Sometimes, no matter what we do, we just end up in a rut…feeling kind of blah.  We can choose to stay in this space or find ways to ignite our creative energy.  Sometimes, I’ll admit, I just want to sit in my funk for a while but it doesn’t last…


When Is The Last Time You Created Something New?

If we’re connected on Facebook, you might have seen some of these already….they are my sewing creations over the last month.  It had been 18 years since I’d really done any sewing. I truly love just about anything creative and have been dedicating more and more time for it in…


Every Poet has a Paint Brush

Making friends with your Inner Critic Have you stopped yourself from writing or journaling because you didn’t know what to say? What would happen if you picked up a paintbrush and allowed it to be your pen, expressing your inner wisdom and creativity? “What me paint?” you say- I don’t…


Discovering Your Creative Side

A guest post from Bobbi Klein.  A big thank you for sharing herself with us.  Please be sure to check out her site using the links below. “What is it?,” I asked Maddie, my 7 year old sister. She responded, “It’s a Tyetakor.”   “That is amazing and I love it.”…


#1 Tip to Restore Your Creativity

You’re feeling overworked You’re Tired You’re Uninspired It just feels like you’ve got too much on your plate and not enough time to relax! I know just how you feel.  Sometimes I have so much work to do that I feel like I absolutely can’t afford to take a break. …


Rescuing Your Muse

A guest post from Petrea of   A big thank you for sharing herself with us.  Please be sure to check out her site listed below.   Creativity is something that can be quite elusive. There are many things that can get in the way of our creativity. One…


Biggest Barrier to Creativity

I came across this article on the “I’m not creative.” barrier through LinkedIn. I found it fascinating that claiming to be creative is actually a factor in how creative you are. If you deny to yourself or others that you are a creative being, you actually rob yourself of the…