Ways to Stay Creative

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pinwheelSometimes, no matter what we do, we just end up in a rut…feeling kind of blah.  We can choose to stay in this space or find ways to ignite our creative energy.  Sometimes, I’ll admit, I just want to sit in my funk for a while but it doesn’t last long.  Creativity and fun always win!  So what do you do to get out of your rut?  Here are a few of my favorites…

  • Find things to take pictures of.
  • Look at things from a new perspective.
  • Breathe.
  • Move.
  • Think about all the wonderful things I’m grateful for in my life.
  • Go on a bike ride.
  • Turn on some music.

And here are a few resources I found, in case none of these are sparking your interest…

What are some of your favorites? Any of these peak your interest?

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