Biggest Barrier to Creativity

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I came across this article on the “I’m not creative.” barrier through LinkedIn. I found it fascinating that claiming to be creative is actually a factor in how creative you are. If you deny to yourself or others that you are a creative being, you actually rob yourself of the ability to be creative.

I truly believe we are all creative. Each of us has a gift for creativity that is uniquely ours. It may look like a gift someone else has as well but how you do it is yours alone.

Sometimes it’s challenging to find your sweet spot and sometimes the creativity shows up in a way that we don’t traditionally think of it. You may be a creative problem solver, a chef, a writer, a comedian, a painter, a builder, a gardener, etc.

Have you found your sweet spot? In what ways are you creative? Are you ready to own your creative spirit?  The article has a quick assessment tool to determine if you are being held back by the “I’m Not Creative.” Barrier.  Share your results below.

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