When Is The Last Time You Created Something New?

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If we’re connected on Facebook, you might have seen some of these already….they are my sewing creations over the last month.  It had been 18 years since I’d really done any sewing.


I truly love just about anything creative and have been dedicating more and more time for it in my life.  I let it slip away for many reasons over the past several years and it’s time to put an end to that unhealthy pattern in my life.

In addition to the sewing, I’ve been taking a photography class and playing a little with my camera (more than just making a new strap for it).  It’s been really cold here so I haven’t had much desire to be outside but it’s supposed to be warmer this week so I’m hoping to find some awesome photo opportunities.

It’s so important to take time to be creative…whatever that looks like for you.  Creativity is like magic for the soul. It has many benefits including:

  • making us happy
  • balancing all of our energy – mind, body and spirit
  • feeling a sense of accomplishment as you finish projects
  • losing track of time in a positive way
  • strengthening your intuition
  • connecting with other creative types
  • watching/feeling time expand
  • deepening the discovery of self
  • developing a stronger connection to divine energy

When is the last time you created something new?  What would be the best way to build time into your schedule for creativity every week?  Whatever it is you love, do more of it.

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