Woo Hoo! Cheryl Richardson Just Told Me To Watch TV

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I’m so excited that Life Coach, Cheryl Richardson, just told me to watch TV.

Kind of.

TVI was just listening to a recording I have on my iPod of her talking about self-care. She was sharing examples of things to do to care for yourself, both on a regular basis and when you’re having difficulties clearing your mind of the clutter.  Self-care is so important.  It empowers us to have the courage and strength we need to make things happen in our lives.  It also shows the world how we like to be loved and allows us to be in a greater space to share our love with others.

Some of her tips included aromatherapy, a nice tea {she enjoys Vata tea, which she found through Deepak}, a warm bath, doing something creative, playing with pets AND TV!

While it’s true that TV isn’t always a great idea…we can get completely lost in what we are watching and it can become somewhat of an escape; the truth is, anything in excess is not healthy. It’s about honoring what we need and finding the balance.  It isn’t about sitting in from of the tube for hours on end but if you have a show you really enjoy…one you can get absolutely lost in…watching it WILL clear your mind…and that’s a good thing!

Just because meditation, for example, clears your mind; that doesn’t mean you should sit in meditation all day long, every day, and not do anything else. TV is the same. Use it for that release of mental chatter…use it to get off the hamster wheel…and then take care of business.

Whether it’s TV or something, do you have a favorite way to take care of yourself and quiet your mind?

My favorites are creating, taking hot showers, bird watching, playing with my cats and I love watching some TV now and then {and now I can do it without a sense of guilt or feeling like I should be multitasking, which makes you stupid, BTW}.

I’d love to hear about your favorites below.

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