Life Lesson 18: Throw Caution to the Wind

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I know that yesterday I wrote about proceeding with caution and it may seem odd to be writing today about throwing caution to the wind, but I really am talking about two different things.

Sometimes, in life, we need to be willing to “just do it.”  We need to go for the gusto and make life happen.  Risks help us grow…they are the only way we grow.

There are three levels of risk we can take…

The first is a stretch…meaning it’s just a little outside our comfort zone and probably isn’t going to shift much in our life.

The second is a risk…meaning it’s more than just a little outside our comfort zone and it will take some courage and perhaps a few deep breaths to accomplish.

The final level is called a die…meaning it will life-changing when you do it because it’s just that big.

I’ve taken big risks in my life and blogged about some of them.  Here and here.   Also here and here.  And here and here.

With each risk, I’ve grown and I’ve become more comfortable with taking more risks so I can create a life I love.

Explore life with a gentle curiosity (and sometimes a not-so-gentle curiosity).  Be willing to take risks…at all three levels.  And watch yourself and your life magically transform.

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