Life Lesson 17: Proceed with Caution

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Things are rarely as they seem.

Sometimes we think we have all the information we need to move forward with a decision or direction in our lives but we don’t.

Sometimes it’s because we’ve made up stories in our minds, rather than looking at facts only.

Sometimes it’s because our emotions are getting in the way of seeing things clearly.

And sometimes we just don’t have all the information.

I used to feel a lot of anxiety when it came to making decisions.  Truth be told, I still do in many ways.  However, I’ve found ways that work for me to manage that anxiety.

The most effective tool I have found is to not allow pressure put on me by myself or others force me to make a decision before I am ready.  It’s important for me to give it some time to sit so I am not making decisions out of fear…out of made up stories…out of anything except love and with as many facts as I can.

This applies to all decisions and letting things sit for about 24 hours seems to work best for me.  Sometimes it takes longer, depending on how big of a deal it is.

So when I say “proceed with caution,” you might be shocked to hear that tomorrow’s post is entitled, Throw Caution to the Wind; but I simply mean to give yourself the space you need, a safe space, to allow something to just “be” for a bit before deciding how to move forward.

Lake Peppin

Lake Peppin

Have you found other tools that are helpful when making a decision about something in your life?

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