If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home

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Some of you know, I am going through a divorce and have been looking for a new home.  I haven’t looked terribly hard because the timing just didn’t feel right.  I listened to my intuition with this one and took my time, paid close attention to how I felt, and today, I found the perfect place for my daughter and I.

Returning to apartment living will be different and probably take some getting used to but I seriously can’t wait.  The first apartment I looked at made me want to cry.  I was so sure I would feel like I was home when I got there but I didn’t.  It just made me really sad.  They were so nice and the grounds were beautiful and they had a bunch of amenities but, still, it didn’t feel like home.  We also looked at a few townhouses but they weren’t quite right either.

Today’s apartment was completely different.  I felt home as soon as I got there.  I could see myself and my daughter, Kayla, living here easily.   The space was bright and clean and welcoming and had a ton of exciting amenities.  Here’s a little preview of what I have to look forward to…


The view off my balcony.


The courtyard.

The Community Room.

While the apartment was a pretty standard space, I am so excited that I have my own bathroom and a walk-in closet and that Kayla and I have options for space if we need more.  She’s closer to friends.  We are in walking distance of shopping.  Or we can stay on site and go sit in front of the fireplace in the community room and read or watch TV down there or sit at one of the many tables and use the free wi-fi with our laptops.  We could hang out in the business center and use one of their computers or go for a swim or sit in the sauna or go tanning or run on the treadmill or play a game of pool…so many choices.

Choices.  Choices totally rock!

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