It’s My Self Employment Anniversary Today!!

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Five years ago today, I left my job of 15 years to pursue self-employment. It’s been a wild and crazy ride and I wouldn’t change any of it. I’ve spent all these years paying attention to what lights me up and making shifts accordingly. I’m doing better than ever before and I’m nevah evah evah evah going to work for the man again.

The financial struggles I’ve experienced were necessary to take myself and my business seriously instead of continuing to play small.

The relationships in my life needed to change to create space for healthy, supportive connections with others wanting their life to be the best life it can be.

The environment needed to change to create a space full of nature and wonder and joy around me to be in.

Although sometimes change can be terrifying, it is a necessary part of growth. Life is about ebb and flow and we need to be a participant in that process. We need to use the ebb and flow to guide us along our journey, much like the simple light a lighthouse provides, directing the ships when they can hardly see.

I thought a lot about what I wanted to bring to others, to you. I made changes as I went, for you.  Now, as I look back, I realize it was for me too.  To find my voice…to be comfortable expressing it.

When I started my business, I was looking for this space of infinite light, where everyone was “full” and sharing it all the time. I had been squashed for too long and was tired and run down from not being able to use my gifts.  I named my business Infinite Light.

As I grew, I was looking for a compass…for direction…because I knew I didn’t have all the pieces of the puzzle. I was finding that some of what I thought I wanted to do wasn’t quite right and some of it was absolutely wrong.  I rebranded and named my business Lodestone Dynamics. A lodestone, if you aren’t familiar, is magnetite but not all magnetite is a lodestone. It needs to be struck by lightening and then it becomes magnetic. It was used to invent the compass. And dynamics…all about taking action, baby.

As I started to feel myself return, I rebranded again. I wanted to feel inspired every day. I wanted to feel joy and I wanted that for others too. I started working under Be Inspired Design.  I love this name and I love my logo and find, still, that as I come into my own, it doesn’t quite fit.

And here I find myself in a place of more peace and joy than I can ever remember feeling. I’m in the midst of coming full circle and combining all these things I love into one neat little package and slightly rebranding, yet again, shifting my logo slightly (because much of it still fits) and changing the name of my business to…

Michele Bergh

because I’m ready to be seen, ready to be heard, and ready to live inspired by design (my new tag line).

From accessing our infinite light…to using it and our compass to guide us along our journey…to taking the actions we know deep down we must take…to beginning to feel alive and inspired once again…to living our lives this way every day…with intention.  This is where we’ve landed, together you and I.

A big thank you to all of you who have joined me on this journey over the past 5 years and those who have supported me long before that as well.  I am able to make difficult choices and take risks because you support me, you inspire me and I know, in the end, I can move in with you if I have to LOL.  Just kidding about that last part….maybe.

Have an inspired weekend and enjoy the journey!

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