Determination Breeds Success

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Italian Herb BreadI blogged early a bit about my attempts to make bread.  I tried three times, each time something was different, and all three times it was a flop.

Of course, I neglected to follow that crucial step of troubleshooting…make sure everything stays the same except the ONE thing you are doing differently…that way you know what the issue was.

But in the end…I found success!  Yay, me!!

The flavor was awesome and the loaf was gone in a very short time.  Everyone said it was really good.

The two keys to my success were determination and listening to my gut.  I didn’t follow the “rules” on how to troubleshoot nor did I start with the “easy” recipe like they suggest but the 4th try was the charm and I’m glad I didn’t give up.

Most people give up right before they would have otherwise experienced success.  It’s important to keep going when something is important to you.  Sometimes it’s just a minor change that makes all the difference in the world.  determination

And sometimes we get so frustrated and we have so many options (or feel we have none) that we lose sight of how easy it can be to find the right answer.  I was blessed to have so many helpful people on Facebook want to see me succeed.  I received all kinds of support from cheerleading to tips. I took it all in.  The cheerleading was instrumental in keeping my passion alive and the tips…I took a few deep breaths, went inside, looked back over my process and listened to what my gut said the problem was.

I tried again and that’s when I found the success I longed for.  Of course, when I shared how much I enjoyed the process, that was true.  AND there is also something amazing about getting to enjoy the fruits of our labors.  There’s nothing like warm, fresh bread!!

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