Yes, I Know it’s 7 Degrees Out

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Michele BerghA few weeks ago, I posted a request on Facebook for ideas.  I had realized that most of the things that bring me deep joy are weather dependent and the weather isn’t cooperating with any of them right now.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  Today, as I type this, it’s over 30 degrees out and sunny and that’s awesome.  It is truly too cold to do most of the things I really enjoy but I’ll take above freezing and sunny any day right now.

So, I explained what I loved and why, in hopes someone would have a few ideas for me.

I had over 30 responses to that post…great conversation and a great reminder of how wonderful and helpful my friends are.  But one reply stood out among them all.

Jennifer Richardson suggested I bundle up and go for a drive, with the windows down.  She said it would be the sense of freedom I have in the summer time with I ride my bike or put the top down on my car.  I could FEEL this one in my bones…to my core…and I’m finally sharing it with you.

Two weekends ago, on a sunny day with a temp of 7 degrees, I noticed the sun was out and I decided to roll my windows down.  I wasn’t bundled and I didn’t crank the heat, as she suggested…I simply allowed myself to be in that space.  I imagined the cool air was the A/C I like to turn up, even when the top is down on those really hot days.  I imagined all the browns around me turning into amazing shades of green, like I see in the summer.  I imagined I was heading to the beach to people watch and catch some rays in the middle of the afternoon for no other reason than just because I could.  I turned up the tunes as loud as they could go and drove on down the road with a shit-eating grin on my face.

Made me think of one of my favorite songs…

I’m sure I looked ridiculous…I don’t care…I had a blast!  It was exactly the kind of freeing experience I’d been longing for.  The wind blowing around me, the new perspective, the joy of a perma-grin stuck to my face.

It’s is amazing how simply stepping outside of the box and thinking about something differently can make such a huge difference!  A big thank you to Jennifer for her suggestion and that awesome afternoon road trip down Central Avenue.

How do you get your daily fix of joy?

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