Amazing Manifestation

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I have a perfect home
for me and my family
that I can afford with ease
with plenty of space
so I can do art
so I can have my own space
so everyone has their own space
so we all have the space we love

I have a home
that is bright
that nurtures creativity
that allows me to expand + growthat I’m proud of + want to have people visit
in a great location
with nature around me that someone else cares for
with a garage
with plenty of closets
with a washer + dryer

I am home

I am free

I wrote this in 2011, when I began the process of looking for a new space to call home.  It was a simple list and most of the items were fulfilled in my last home but not full in the way I had really wanted.  I didn’t realize I even had this any more.  I came across it as I was unpacking and going through things with a fine-tooth comb.  My list, for this move, was much more detailed.  I got everything on my new list and more!

And I love that I got everything on my old list too.

Writing things down and being open to receiving what shows up is a powerful act. It’s about being clear about what you want…what’s important in your life.  It’s about making it real by writing it down.  It’s about putting it out into the Universe.

No matter how simple your list is…consider writing it down and keep it handy to refer back to so you can see all your successes down the road!