What is your favorite thing to doodle?

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When you doodle do you find yourself always doodling the same thing? Little flowers and random shapes are my go to doodles when in meetings or on hold while on the phone.

I have been branching out to get out of my “doodle rut” and thought I would share my ideas or “Inspiration”.

  • Doodle objects in the room you are in at the time.
    • When doodling objects around you, try making them look cartoony!
  • Are you with other people? Doodle them as cartoons or the jewelry they are wearing!
  • Set a short time limit to doodle an object or random scribble.
  • Doodle the alphabet into fun shapes or themes.
  • Food and their wrappers.
  • Animals
  • Things in nature like trees, stormy sky, mountains, rolling hills and even buildings.

The possibilities are endless!

Below I created the elephant using Illustrator, I copied a project my daughter had created by doodling circles!  The other 2 doodles I thought I would share the before and after of adding color.  Hope you enjoy!


ElephantColor DoodleDoodle Family


Tonya LoveI chose to write and share about doodling because it helps to bring me to a place of creativity, reduce my stress and I now that I have learned to doodle digitally I can add them to my digital scrapbooking!

My current life’s journey is winding down a new path, as I navigate through some major life changes I find myself doodling and coloring. Art for me has always been a way for me to celebrate and remember this thing we call life!  You can check out my new website at www.passport2creativity.com It is under construction and I will be adding downloadable digital templates soon.  Hope you enjoy it!

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