Week One of the Journey to Clean Eating

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Big Boss Oil-Less FryerThis was our first week moving towards clean eating.  I say “moving towards” because it definitely feels like a process and will evolve over time I feel.  As I shared before, I’m really looking for a lifestyle so I don’t want to do something I can’t stick to.  While the week isn’t over, weekends are “free”.  We can do as we please so we have a few opportunities to eat without analyzing everything.

A big shout out to Tiffany Doten who shared a Meal Planning Chart from the Project Girl that she uses. This was so helpful in planning meals, making a list of groceries needed, comparing that list to my kitchen and then going shopping.  It kept me on track and focused.  I printed out recipes and attached them to the planner to keep everything together.

Day one was pretty good.  I totally forgot I was planning to make a side dish but we had plenty of food without it. LOL  That’s what I get for not bringing the meal planner into the kitchen with me.  The main course – steak fajitas – didn’t need a recipe and, in prepping that, the other just slipped my mind.  I skipped the cheese and sour cream to improve the healthiness of this dish.  I normally drink 7+ sodas a day (I know, I know – no shaming please) and my goal is to go to soda-free and will take it a day at a time.  I only had 2 cans that day.

Day two was also pretty good.  Half a can of soda is all I had.  BUT hubby broke down and pulled out Girl Scout cookies.  They smelled so good, I had four.  Then I was craving sugar and had to run to Target for something else and spent several minutes wandering the bakery section but finally managed to leave without a purchase.  Yeah me!

Day three was really good.  Dinner was phenomenal!  I have two Big Bosses and I cannot speak highly enough of them.  These cook food with halogen, convection and infrared heat.  I made one of those oval shaped 3 lb. turkey breasts with Tuscan Herb Infused Olive Oil, Rosemary, the juice of a lemon and my Krazy Salt blend.  The meat that comes out of these cookers could not possibly be more moist!  Seriously, intense moistness.  The flavor was off the charts!  I also made fresh fries in the Big Boss as well…red potatoes cut into fries, seasoned with a little olive oil and greek seasoning for a twist.  Excellent!  I had two glasses of soda at a restaurant where I was meeting with someone and that was it.

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