Tips to Overnight Success

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Come on, man…

successDo you really believe this is possible?

  • Did you know Angry Birds was Rovio’s 52nd attempt? It took them 8 years and they almost went bankrupt right before succeeding with Angry Birds.
  • Psy of Gangnam Style tried for 8 years to make it big before succeeding.
  • James Dyson tried 5,126 prototypes of his vacuum cleaner before getting it right.
  • WD-40 literally means Water Displacement – 40th Attempt…after 39 fails.
  • I think Chris Brogan said it took him 8 years to get the first 100 subscribers to his blog.  {I’m noticing a pattern with that 8 year thing…hmmm}

We just tend to see the success all of a sudden and it appears someone just popped up overnight. And we buy into the hype of overnight success. We get all starry-eyed and think how awesome that would be.

But the truth is those people who appear to be overnight successes, likely spent minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years working hard before they found the sweet spot.  And if they weren’t/aren’t careful, they could end up losing it all.

So, even if it was possible…would you really want it?
  • 5.5% of all lottery winners file bankruptcy within 5 years of winning. The reason? They weren’t prepared to handle this kind of money. They made poor decisions and it cost them greatly.
  • People who inherit money are rarely happy or feel a sense of fulfillment because they didn’t earn it.
  • Apple, Ford and Trump have all either filed bankruptcy or come close and recovered.
  • Did you know that impulse shoppers rarely buy a second time?  There’s a good chance that someone popping up quickly is getting a fair amount of impulse purchasing…and not likely to sustain that level of success.  To maintain success, relationships must be built and they will be easier to build if people have some sense of who you are before they buy.
Success requires a a definition of what it means to you, a certain amount of preparation, a solid foundation, a sense of accomplishment AND a prosperity mindset to achieve it and keep it.

So you want to make it big?  You can do it.  Many do.  And you can do it fairly fast {but not overnight}, depending on how you define it and a few other factors.  Here are a few REAL ways to achieve your success:

  • Define it.
  • Stop filling your day with busy work.
  • Do the REAL work.
  • Do the REAL work now.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others.
  • Focus on what you love and outsource the rest.
  • Make sure you have a prosperity mindset {listen to those little voices that pop up when you imagine being successful…what are they saying? do they believe you can do it?}.
  • Build a team.  No one has ever been successful alone.
  • Take pride in what you do.
  • Celebrate your small successes.  They all add up.
  • Invest in yourself and your business.
  • Take time for self-care on a regular basis.
  • Pay attention to who you spend time with {your earning potential is only as great as the 5 people you spend the most time with}.
  • Remember, network=net worth {thanks Rich Chicks}.  This couldn’t be more true.  When I look at some of the people who seem to have all of a sudden taken off, most of them – somewhere in their story – made connections that helped propel them forward.
What are you willing to do today to achieve the success you desire? Please share below.
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