American Idol Is Not My Idol

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microphoneI recently wrote a post about getting rid of the negative crap in my life. I thought I’d done a pretty good job of it until I watched a couple of American Idol episodes from this new season. I made it through about an episode and a half before I had to delete them all and remove it from my recording schedule.

I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that I made it that far. I mean, I’ve been so mindful about this {or so I thought} but here it was creeping in again.

So what do I find so negative? First of all, there is a nice way to tell someone singing may not be their thing and there is never a reason to be unkind about it.

  • Just because that panel doesn’t think they deserve to go to Hollywood, doesn’t mean they don’t have talent. Many of them do.
  • If singing isn’t their thing, professionally, that doesn’t mean they should stop singing if it brings them joy and if it brings joy to those around them.
  • And what’s up with asking someone if they can dance and then laughing at them for showing their mad dance skills? Again, if they’re having fun…why do they need to stop?
And then I go even deeper…

What if {and there’s a pretty good chance this is true} it’s all staged?

You have submit an audition tape to even get on there.  Those who get numbers were preselected. Unless the good ones get the numbers first and they fill in with people who just show up and do crazy things for a laugh or something.  I’m not sure.  In any event…

Did they come there believing someone saw something special in them?  Or did they know they were part of the “comedy act?”  The one they thought was hideous?  That danced funny or had some behavior they thought would increase ratings?

And what does that say about us?  That we derive pleasure from watching someone ridiculed…watching someone go after a dream when they never had a chance in the first place?  We can blame it on others…blame the media…but it’s really just a vicious circle.  They supply, we watch, we desensitize and ask for more, they give us more, we watch, we desensitize and ask for more and so on and so forth.

Who’s willing to get off this hamster wheel from hell?  Who’s willing to stand up and say, “enough.”  My hand is up and I accept the challenge!  You?
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