My Blog Gives Too Much Away

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sacred lotusYesterday, as I met with a client, I realized {thanks to her} that my blog reveals a lot more than I intended.

We were discussing ways to make it easier to blog and I was showing her  the editorial calendar on my site.  I told her how I have a theme for each day of the week…

  • Sunday is Prosperity
  • Tuesday is Creativity
  • Wednesdays is Empowerment
  • Thursday is Compassion
  • Friday is Expression
  • Saturday is Intuition
  • Sunday is Finding Ease

I also explained how I give myself permission to move things around if there is something I really want to share that doesn’t fit this exactly; but this is my foundation.

I also shared what kinds of things fit in each theme for me.  Then I whispered…

“These actually follow the chakra system.”

She knew what I was talking about 🙂

We chatted a little more about it all and then she lovingly pointed out that my blog is like my own personal chakra checker…some days of the week are consistently blank or close to it.  I had no idea that my blog was that revealing!


She was right.  And I completely connected to what she was saying.  Some of them are blocked.  Some of them are, perhaps, more open BUT I haven’t found my voice yet on these topics.  Intuition, for example, is really sacred to me.  I feel pretty connected to mine but I’m just not sure what I want to share about it yet.

I also noticed that, in reflecting, my free downloads on Wednesdays, are kind of a cop-out.  {Did I really just admit that to everyone?} I didn’t set them up that way but that’s what they’ve become.  I enjoy doing them and they are a way to show love to others BUT this theme is really more about self-love and being of service for me…seeing the world beyond ourselves…asking what we can do to make the world a better place.  In fact, I adopted a purpose for myself this year.  It comes from an ancient Sanskrit chant.  Sanskrit is the original sacred language of Hinduism and is quite beautiful.   Sanskrit is also consider one of the three original sacred languages {along with Hebrew and Latin}.  I’ve got plans to get this tattoo {the top line is the tattoo, bottom line is how to say it}:


The phrase means {loosely} may all people everywhere be happy, free and full of joy and may my thoughts, words and actions contribute to their happiness, freedom and joy.

This is my purpose.  So why am I not writing about it?  Well, that’s about to change.  I’m dedicated to designing the life I want and that means doing my work and taking care of my shit.

If I’m blocked, it’s time to unblock.
If I haven’t found my voice in any area of my life, it’s time to find it now.

How do you know when you are blocked or have areas to work on in your life?  What are your indicators?

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