Creative Poetry

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book of poetryI don’t know about you but I love poetry.  The written/spoken word can be so beautiful and writing poetry is a great way to develop your creative side.  Structured poems can be more of a struggle than a free flowing one, but well worth the effort because they challenge your imagination.

Here’s a little activity you can have a little fun with.

  1. Choose a word that has special meaning to you.
  2. Use that one word as the title of your poem.
  3. You’ll begin the poem with the one word title.
  4. Line two will have two words.
  5. Line three will have three words.
  6. Line four will have four words.
  7. And line five will have five words.

Below is an example…

Enjoying life
Helping others too
Growing as a person
Loving all that I do

I’d love it if you’d share yours below!

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