The Lengths I’ll Go To For You

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zipperYesterday I had the opportunity to do a presentation for a local networking group on branding, one of my favorite topics to share about!  I was so excited when the opportunity came up and have been waiting for the last month for this day to arrive.  My presentation was already prepared, having shared it before, so all I needed to do was print out handouts for everyone, pack up my laptop, set my alarm for an early wake up at 6:20am (SO NOT a morning person but worth it to have this kind of fun).

I arrived at the facility in plenty of time, all ready to go, and was so impressed by how nice it was!  The room was big and bright and it had fancy equipment for me to use (I’m a bit of a techie, you know).  I did my presentation.  We had great conversation during the presentation, people were engaged, it felt great.

One of the things we talked about was how important it is to share who you are and how that connects to your business.  We talked about being selectively transparent, meaning don’t post the photos of yourself dancing on a table drunk but be honest and not afraid to share some of your personal life with others.  Just to illustrate this point of getting to a place where you are comfortable sharing yourself, even if it feels a little vulnerable, I went the extra mile (‘cuz that’s how I roll), and did the entire presentation with my zipper down.

Yep, you read that right.

Zipper down.

Black pants, fuchsia underwear.  Hot.

I know you’re thinking, “OMG! Did she really do that?”

Yep, I did.

Now your probably thinking, “Did they notice?”

Not sure but I hope so.  Kind of a let down if I bear my soul (or underwear, in this case) and no one notices.  After all, I want people to know how much I’m willing to do for them because their success is that important to me.

Because “I meant to do that.”

Sometimes all we can do is laugh at life’s little imperfections!

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