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10 Minutes a Day with your Camera

If you really want to learn how to take better pictures, the only way to do this it to spend more time with your camera…with any camera. There are two aspects to photography. Art and science. The art piece is about being able to “see” a great photo opportunity and…


Living Through Photography + Nature

Sitting in the doctor’s office for the first time in about a year and a half, contemplating the drug list they provided at check in…Adderall…Zoloft…They told me to make sure I let the doctor know if anything had changed with the list. I don’t know why those were still listed,…

adobe lightroom

Using Adobe Lightroom…Finally!

I have had Adobe Lightroom for a long time…a few years now.  I pay a good chunk of money for the full Adobe Creative Cloud every month but I’ve never really used this program.  I use others frequently but the value of this one has eluded me. Lots of my…


19 Great Photo + Video Resources

This past spring, I found myself reconnecting with my love of photography.  It’s been many years since I truly embraced this love…many years, as in, not since high school.  In my senior year, I spent time taking pictures with my 35mm camera, many in black and white, and learning to…