19 Great Photo + Video Resources

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filmstripThis past spring, I found myself reconnecting with my love of photography.  It’s been many years since I truly embraced this love…many years, as in, not since high school.  In my senior year, I spent time taking pictures with my 35mm camera, many in black and white, and learning to develop the film in the dark room with friends.  I remember thinking how cool it was even though I look back and can see the graininess of the images I was so proud of.

We’ve come a long way since then, in terms of photography, and I’m having a great time exploring all of the new technology out there.  I know many of you also enjoy taking photos and thought you might enjoy this article I came across a while back from Mashable.  It’s filled with resources on picking the right camera, tips for using Instagram, how to get the best results when editing your photos, and more.

Some of my favorite resources on this list include exploring which camera is best for you, several resources on Instagram, Photoshop tutorials, and the mobile apps.  Which are your favorite?

Do you enjoy taking photos?  What’s your favorite thing to photograph?

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