Using Adobe Lightroom…Finally!

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I have had Adobe Lightroom for a long time…a few years now.  I pay a good chunk of money for the full Adobe Creative Cloud every month but I’ve never really used this program.  I use others frequently but the value of this one has eluded me.

Lots of my friends who enjoy photography have recommended it but every time I tried to use it, I just ended up confused and irritated and wondering why I just couldn’t find my way around in it.  Sometimes I surprise myself.  This stuff usually comes to me pretty easy and then, every once in a while, I just can’t seem to get something at all. Like this time.

It came up in a conversation once again and I decided it was time to see if I could find a tutorial that made sense and could get me started in using it.  I sure needed something as my virtual pile of photos grows and it is really time consuming to go through images after taking them to pick out the ones I like and get rid of the rest.  Time is something I’m always looking for more of…it isn’t something I ever feel like I have too much of so if LIghtroom could help and be a great answer for me, I was determined now to learn.

As luck would have it, determination won.  After just a few tutorials that weren’t very helpful, I found one on YouTube that was enough to get me going. It’s about an hour long but it only took me about 15 minutes to realize that what lightroom does is provide a way to view, edit and move my photos around on my hard drive.  The changes I make in this program are being made on my hard drive.  I can import large groups of photos at one time with whatever size preview I want, view them, modify them, delete them, and organize them and those changes are taking place right on my hard drive. I LOVE that!  I love being able to see all the images together and do what I need to do.  I’m including the video here, just in case you’re in need of a way to organize your photos as well.


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