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You Don’t Have to Live in the Middle of Nowhere

I went kayaking again this week. Pure bliss. The hubby went this time too.  He didn’t have a kayak (I’ve rectified this now) but said he’d love to join me and go fishing while I paddled around the lake so off we went. It was a beautiful night and just…

Lakeside Beach

My Lunch Break

I had a lunch meeting that ended up getting rescheduled.  I’d been working hard all morning and decided it was time for lunch and wanted to do something fun.  When I bought my kayak a year ago, I tried putting it in my Pontiac G6 2 door hard top convertible…


Simply BE

Today is river kayaking day, or kayaking meditation day. If you really have a kayak and the weather cooperates, you could certainly get out in your ‘yak to do this. Either way, it’s meant to be meditative. Begin with a few deep breaths and smell the air around you. Feel…