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Today is river kayaking day, or kayaking meditation day. If you really have a kayak and the weather cooperates, you could certainly get out in your ‘yak to do this. Either way, it’s meant to be meditative. Begin with a few deep breaths and smell the air around you. Feel the warmth of the sun on you. Feel the gentle breeze. Get a sense of the river that your kayak is in. Allow yourself to simply BE… just float for a minute or two and integrate yourself with everything around you. Now begin paddling slowly and take a glance at the water that your paddle pushed back upstream.. notice that it changes directions and melds back into the flow once again. Keep paddling until you find a nice calm spot to stop paddling, and just float again. Look around you… what do you see? What do you hear? How do you feel? Look at the edge of the river and see the effect the water has on the shoreline. See how the shoreline affects the water. What affect does your presence have on the river and it’s surroundings? What affect do they have on you? Continue down the river to your landing area. Gently ride your kayak to shore. Take a glance upstream, downstream and feel the flow. You are a part of that flow, whether you’re in the river or not…and when you take an action that pushes against the flow, (much like the paddle) the natural reaction is for your energy to get back into the flow. Allow it to be…take a deep breath and be grateful for all that is.

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