Paint Your Dream

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For this exercise you will need paper, tempera, acrylic or watercolor paint, brushes, water and paper towels.  You can also use markers or crayons or any medium you choose.

Prepare the night before by choosing to remember the dream. When you wake in the morning, do not move your body, and bring the pictures from your dream state into your logical mind, reviewing them before you get up. You may want to write your dream down.

Dream images are illusive-feeling pictures. The goal is not to reproduce an image as it appeared, but instead “the mood of the dream” will be an important part of creating your piece. Use color to achieve the emotional tone you want to express. Be patient and take your time.

Let your feelings be your guide in choosing the color or tool to begin with. Try not to judge yourself as to how well you are doing, you can’t do this wrong. Ask yourself, if you want to paint the entire dream or if you want to paint one specific element. You may want to paint the entire dream in separate sequential pieces. Allow yourself total freedom to draw from the raw material of the dream. When you work this way, the dream becomes a catalyst that will continue to stimulate your imagination. Once you feel the image is finished, date it and put it away. Bringing you dream out two weeks later may evoke an entirely new set of images, ideas or dreams.

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