Dendrographology – Say What??

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Dendrographology is the study of tree drawings, not sometime many people are familiar with, and an odd talent I have.  Not a lot of people know this about me but it’s there, in the background, lurking at all times.  Every time I see someone doodle or take time drawing or painting a tree, I’m exploring all the hidden meanings in the bark, the branches and the leaves.

It works similarly to handwriting analysis and is used by some psychologist in therapy.   Part of the theory includes the thought that most people, even if you don’t feel like you can draw, will draw a tree.  Certain things will appear in your drawing that indicate personality traits, potential traumas or conflicts, how you feel about your life, how you the tend to look at things, etc.  Very interesting.

I first encountered this technique in a class I took where the instructor had us draw while we were waiting for class to begin.  She gave us just a few tidbits of information on what our drawings meant at the end of the class and, from there, I worked really hard to learn all I could.  It wasn’t easy.  I found one, very old out-of-date book and a few resources online that seemed to have disappeared since then.  That was about seven years ago.

I don’t do it as often as I once did but still enjoy it a lot.  It’s something that always amazes people because of it’s accuracy and how unique it is.  My daughter, who is 16, has been doing it now for a few years as well now.  We are in the process of writing a book together about the meanings buried in your tree drawings and are looking forward to finishing it up sometime this year.

One of the things we need for this project is examples so as a special offer, in this blog post, I will be giving away 5 complimentary tree readings.  To enter, share your thoughts about this technique or why you’d be interested in having it done as a comment below.  My daughter, Kayla, and I will choose 5 from the comments posted by the deadline:  7/1/11.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


PS:  My favorite word is fuck.  LOL

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