Soul Sundays with Oprah

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I love what Oprah is doing with her network and, unfortunately, my cable company knows this.  I know they know it because the guy who came to install the site told me.  It’s how they plan their tiers.  It’s why I’d have to buy the biggest package to be able to access it.  I didn’t buy the biggest package.  I suffered for a few months…sad that I could not access what I heard so many talking about and enjoying.  Not too long ago, I discovered I could beat them at their own game and this is exciting to me!

Recently, when I shared with someone how much I wished I could watch some of the episodes I kept hearing about, I found out much (if not all) is available online.  I thought you might enjoy some of these episodes as well!  This one below is from the Super Soul Sundays series.  You an also view some of her content on her main site.  Have you watched anything from her network before?  If so, share some of your favorites below.

Watch live streaming video from supersoulsunday at
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