Your Intuition is Talking…Are You Listening? Post 2 of 2

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intuitionThis is the 2nd post in a 2 post series.  Check out the first post here.

Last week A few weeks ago…

Sidebar…true confession time.  I started this post right after the last one and planned to share it the following week.  Somehow, I set it aside and it remained a draft for all this time.  I was so excited to share the tool I’m about to share so I don’t have any idea why I would do that.  Best intentions, yada yada, anyway – a big apology and now on with it…

in our 1st post of this series, I shared a little bit about intuition, how we receive information and how it can help guide you.  I wanted to share a few tips on increasing your connection to your intuition.  Hopefully, you’ve taken some time to identify how you receive information naturally (see 1st post) and can use these tips to get the answers you need by going inside.

  1. Ask your intuition questions.  Try to ask more than just yes or no questions.  Pay attention to whatever comes to you.  Don’t judge it, just listen.
  2. Pay attention to what excites you.  This is actually your intuition telling you to do more of this.
  3. Visualize what you want your life to look like.  Connect to that feeling and allow your intuition to guide you in the direction of making it happen.
  4. Spend time just being.  It doesn’t have to be long…5-10 minutes to begin with is great.  Do this every day.  Pay attention to what comes to you during this time.
  5. Be grateful for what you have, no matter what.
  6. Listen and act on the information you receive.
  7. Trust that good things will happen…it just may not be in the timing you want and everything happens for a reason.
  8. Be patient.  Information comes when it comes.  It may not come when you want it.
  9. Write down the guidance you receive and a few notes about how you received it, when you received it, how it felt, whether you followed it or not and what the outcome was.
  10. And my favorite – this was the one that REALLY catapulted me forward and now I’m going to share it with you….

You need a buddy for this one.  You are going to need someone to ask you a series of questions and ask them quickly, while you respond quickly.  This may be a bit confusing but you will get the hang of it.  I’m including a sample list of questions that you can use or you can create your own.  If you decide to use the one I’m including, print it out but don’t really read it or have your friend print it out for you so you are not familiar with the questions.  They can ask questions out of order and they can ask the same logical questions more than once but they must ask several logical questions in a row before throwing in an intuitive one.  They also need to come up with the intuitive questions in advance so they can ask them in the same flow they ask all the questions.

You will want your friend/partner to fill in a few intuitive questions for you so you don’t know what they are in advance.  I know it seems like there may be a lot of questions on the list but it’s for a reason.  You really need to fully be in your logical mind, answering questions you know the answers to and then have one come out of left field that requires your intuitive mind to step in.

The goal here is to notice where in your “head” the answers seem to come from.  With practice, you will notice that the questions you know the answers to…the logical ones…will come from one area of your brain and when you get to the intuitive ones, they will come from another area.  This will really help you know what is your intuition and what is coming from your logical mind.

I can’t wait to hear how this goes for you!  It may take some practice and a few rounds before you start to notice but have fun with it and see what happens.

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