Your Intuition is Talking…Are You Listening? Post 1 of 2

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intuitionThis is the first post in a series about intuition.  Be sure to come back next week when we share post 2

A while back, I was enjoying a break with several wonderful women during a workshop we were attending.  One of the questions I was asked was about how I do what I do.  I shared that I wasn’t sure I had the words to describe what I do because much of it is guided by my intuition.  Of course, like many of us, I don’t always listen and that always gets me into trouble.  I am happy to share that I listen more now than I ever have and the “sound” has become more clear.  Before diving into to deeply about how I’ve learned to hear and trust my intuition over the years, I thought it might be helpful to give an overview of intuition…just in case you’re new to the concept or new to trusting yours.

Intuition is important because it can help guide you in the right direction for your life.  It’s like having the answers but you don’t know how you have them.  It’s like knowing something but you don’t know how you know it.  It’s there to help you, if you choose to listen and trust.

Each of us has a predominate way we receive information.  These are often referred to as the 5 Clair’s.  Rebecca Rosen does a great job of explaining these in her post on  Here’s a summary:

  • Clairaudience means clear hearing.
  • Clairsentience means clear feeling.
  • Clairalience means clear smelling.
  • Clairgustance means clear tasting.
  • Claircognizance means clear knowing.

Rebecca also includes an exercise in this great article on how to tell what your predominant way of getting information is.  What’s most important about this is understanding that there will be one, maybe two, ways that really stand out for most of us.  Embracing that way, will truly open up the flow of information you receive and understand.  Wishing you received information in another way, and fighting to access information that way, will only create blocks for you.  Once the flow begins, you may actually find that information comes to you in other ways as well but you will most likely receive it in one way more intensely than in another.

Learning to connect with your intuition can help both with personal and business-related challenges.  Sometimes we just don’t know what would be the best thing to do to move forward in a positive direction and this can make a world of difference.

Be sure to check back next week as we share great tips for connecting to yours, including the best exercise I’ve ever done to strengthen my own connection and, in the meantime, share below which “Clair” is your strongest.

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