Rewilding My Life with Fire

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Day 9 of the Rewild Your Life 30 Day Challenge

Some of you may know that I signed up to do this challenge.  I invited others publicly to join me in the process through Facebook, simply because I understand the value of connecting with nature and all it has to offer.

Well, I certainly had the best intentions and, as many of you have experienced, sometimes those intentions don’t fully become realized.  I haven’t been great about doing all the activities, which only asked for 30 minutes a day (totally doable) and my intention is now to do them throughout the summer, if not during the 30 days of June.  It’s so great to be able to shift an intention when I find what I “thought” would work isn’t.  I’d like to be gentle with myself and do what feels good and not feel guilty about not doing it exactly as suggested.  Because any time I connect with nature, it’s a great time to do so.

Day 9’s activity was all about soaking up as much of the amazing energy of the sun.  I wanted to go on an amazing bike ride..spend some time outdoors that way and really wanted to go somewhere different today.  My riding partner wasn’t interested in venturing away from home and I wasn’t happy about it but did my best to keep it to myself.  A ride is a ride is a ride, right?  After all, I love where I live and I have amazing things to see here every day.

Off we went.  I felt bad that I was irritated and hated that I was bringing that energy into this space, a space I consider sacred…I really really love where I live and all it has to offer.  I felt bad that I was hiding my feelings, although my quietness is often a sign something is up so he probably knew but I don’t want to bring that into a relationship either.  It’s important to honor my feelings and to not keep them bottled up inside. I just wasn’t up for a conversation around it.  I wasn’t sure where it would go and I really felt quite foolish for feeling the way I did.  So I was hoping I could shake it off.

It took until about mile 9 before I started to feel the irritation melt away and I was able to fully experience my ride…to feel connected to everything around me.  I could feel it all just leaving my body and my spirit began to feel light and I felt one with the earth and the sun and all their glory.  It truly was a great day.

I can’t believe what happened after I allowed myself to relax and connect.  All around me there are wonders to behold.  A few of them are featured here in this post below for you to enjoy (see more here on Facebook).


Purple Flowers


Yes, truly amazing and I feel blessed to have all of this right around my home.  While I don’t want to spend much time reflecting on the negative, I have to wonder how many things I missed due to my frivolous irritation over wanting to bike some place else instead of this glorious space I have access to

Man, do I feel silly.

Just because you “see” something day in and day out, doesn’t mean you really “see” it.

Take a moment today to notice the stunning things around you.  What are you missing?  Stop missing it now.

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