Sorry, Folks. I Don’t Play Candy Crush or Any Other FB Games

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Candy Crush A wise woman (my mom) once told me the secret to relationships that work is to figure out what pisses the other person off and stop doing that.

I added my own take to this regarding what we stop doing.  Is it something that really doesn’t matter like leaving a mess in the sink?  Or is it something that makes our soul sing and, without it, we’d feel like we were dying?  The second one…don’t ever stop doing those things…lose the relationship.

Of course, I’m sure that’s what she meant as well…I just felt it was important for myself to remember the value of doing what feeds us in our lives and we should never give that up for anyone.

I’ve started to see this phrase pop up on Facebook as status updates by many of my friends…

Sorry, folks. I don’t play Candy Crush or any other FB games.

Why are people saying this?  Because we all keep getting invited to play this shit.

And shit is what it is.

Come on people, I get needing some down time and a way to turn off your brain and some games may actually be good for you but Candy Crush ain’t one of ’em.

Someone on one of the threads mentioned that you can’t play these games on Facebook without inviting your friends to play.  It’s required as a part of the game. WTF

Then stop playing.  You want your relationships to work?  Stop irritating those you love.  You want some down time?  Go read a book, see a movie, take a walk…maybe even invite a friend to go along and ENGAGE IN LIFE!

These games are not the kind of down time anyone needs.  They are crap.  They are mindless.  They are addicting.  They are garbage.

You want your life to rock?  Remember, what you put in is what you get out.  If you sit in front of your computer for hours playing mindless games that suck the life out of you AND irritate your loved ones to boot, you get that back in return.

What is it that you want?  Make a choice.  Realize it is simply a choice.  Just be clear that all actions have a reaction.  The question really is which reaction would you like to show up in your life today?

I hope you’ll consider embracing life beyond your computer screen.

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