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I have a rule.

60 + sunny.

That means it’s nice enough to put the top down on my car.

She and I can become one with the wind as we drive down the road together with the music as loud as it can go.

It makes a mess of my hair, no matter what I do.

In comes another rule.

If I have a meeting or something “important” that day, the top cannot come down until I’m done with whatever I have going on.


Rules are meant to be broken, right? I’m throwing caution to the wind.

What matters more?  A finely groomed head of hair or a spirit that soars?  Hint:  if you are one of my peeps, it’s the spirit thing.

So if you and I have something planned together and it’s 60 + sunny, expect a mess.  Life is messy and my hair is just a reminder of that fact.  It’s also a reminder that I choose to embrace life…to live in the moment…to do things that make me smile…to allow my spirit to soar.

I’m off to a meeting and, yes, my hair will be crazy wind-blown and I’m good with that.

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