Pregnant Lobsters

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Did you know that lobsters carry about 10,000 eggs per pound of their weight? A lobster that weighs 7 pounds will likely have around 70,000 eggs! That number seems crazy to me but when I think about all the lobsters pulled from the oceans for us to eat, die for other reasons or eggs that don’t become baby lobsters (only about 10% make it), maybe it isn’t so crazy after all.

In 2019, it was estimated that United States alone ate over 200 million pounds of lobster…the US alone! That’s a lot of lobster that’s eaten and needs to be replenished.

When a lobsterman finds a pregnant lobster, one of the most important tasks they are asked to do for conservation is to put a V-notch the tail so, if found again, other lobermen (or lobsterwomen) are not to take it from the ocean because it is a known breeder and needed. This act is not required but voluntary but most do it. It’s just as important for their ability to continue to do what they do as it is for the environment and these amazing little creatures.

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