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Pregnant Lobsters

Did you know that lobsters carry about 10,000 eggs per pound of their weight? A lobster that weighs 7 pounds will likely have around 70,000 eggs! That number seems crazy to me but when I think about all the lobsters pulled from the oceans for us to eat, die for…


Rats Don’t Puke

And, apparently, that’s why rat poison is so effective – who knew?! I know there are other interesting facts about rats (like they really just like to have eat and have sex and they’ll have sex with any rat, male or female) but I did not know this one and…


Are Birds Bisexual?

I don’t know if all birds are bisexual but this story definitely caught my attention. It’s the story of Thomas the goose and Henry the black swan (who people originally thought was Henrietta but it turns out it’s really hard to sex a bird in many cases and they were…