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For this exercise you will need a sheet of paper, an eyedropper, brilliant watercolors, one or two containers for mixing and diluting, one or two containers of water, a straw, paper towels and music player and music.  You can also use food coloring instead of watercolors if you want.

Once you are set up. Put on a fairly lengthy piece of music that you enjoy. The music should be something classical, meditative or inspiring. With the music playing, get comfortable in your seat. Close your eyes and take a slow deep breath. Allow your tensions to melt away, and as you relax surrender to the music. Slowly open your eyes and take in the whiteness of the paper before you. Let the music guide you in your choice of color to begin.

With the eyedropper place a small amount of color on the paper and blow it around on the page with the straw. Keep the straw about 1/2 inch off the page and direct the color by moving the straw and/or the paper is your work.

Continue adding various colors in response to the booth and rhythm of the music. You can also add a drop of water from time to time, blowing it, tilting the paper to let it run and blend colors in different directions. Sometimes recognizable forms will develop, other times the image will be abstract. Do not try to control the image into a recognizable form, just let it happen.

Blowing watercolors with the straw gives a great sense of freedom and the lack of control releases you of any pre-existing expectations you might have about yourself. There is no goal other than the pleasure of doing it. At some point take a break.

When you return look at the page in silence. Can you hear the music by looking at the page?  Ask yourself what you would like to do next. They can be applied with a cotton ball or swab, you can drip some on the page developer Brown as you did with the pigments.(Remember not to inhale).  This is an excellent way to have fun and loosen up.

Message from Joanie

Art is getting to know yourself. The technique of making a painting is very difficult sometimes. There are always different ways in which the painting can be done. It is like life. I can only use the technique that you use in life when I have your same definite purpose, other than that; I need to invent my own technique. I need to know myself.

What does Art mean to you?

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