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When you have a minimum of 10-15 minutes available, I would like you to grab a piece of paper, pen/pencil and walk outside. While there, I want you to find a weed. It doesn’t have to be officially a weed, just something you would consider a weed. Something that you would discard, pull out, eradicate, etc.. I think you get the picture.

Once you’ve located the weed. I’d like you to take a minute and pretend that your role has flipped, and you were the CREATOR of this weed. … this is YOUR WORK OF ART! You are completely responsible for designing it and are mighty proud of what you’ve accomplished. You coordinated with Mother Nature and had it approved for your work of art to be displayed across the planet on her beautiful canvas called Earth. Please write down 5 of the greatest characteristics of your beautiful, original, magnificent weed that you designed and maybe why you integrated those characteristics into your Weed. What is the most beautiful thing about this weed? If you can touch it, how does it feel? Is it soft or does it look soft?

There are many things in the world that can affect our inspiration. If you find your inspiration blocked, suppressed, sidelined, or affected by some other means, chances are there’s an emotion behind it all. There’s a “WEED” that needs to be tended. It needs to be embraced with a different perspective. Our lives aren’t always full of pretty flowers….yet, beauty can be found in everything created if time is spent looking/feeling/experiencing. We simply need to shift our perspective a little and begin to realize that everything truly has a purpose. We simply need to trust…and know that somehow, our creation is just as it should be.

Message From Val

Val MedeirosI love the outdoors and find most of my inspiration there. Our earth has been around for a long time and nature as a whole has found a way to perpetuate. There are so many lessons for us that can be found in nature, and I find myself feeling the “oneness” more and more often. I used to get upset when chipmunks dug holes right on the side of my cement walkway, until I was reminded that I’ve moved into THEIR territory. So I’ve spent hours sitting with them, observing them, and now it doesn’t take too long for them to come and eat out of my hand. For me, nature is very grounding. When I start to feel scattered, disjointed, I know I need to get outside. It’s where my energy feels most natural. Being able to tune into the energy of nature has helped me to “tune in” when doing readings. It’s simply being completely present, 100% here and now. I also try to capture nature’s essence through my photography, which I have used to make photo notecards. If you’re interested in a reading or would like to purchase notecards, please visit my website

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