Life Lesson 23: Stuff Sucks

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Life Lesson 21 was all about how your outer environment is simply a reflection of your inner environment.  It is so easy to collect stuff throughout our lifetime.  My biggest vices, personally, are books and papers.  I don’t know why I’ve had such a hard time managing these two things but they always seem to spiral out of control.  But stuff is just stuff.  Nothing more…nothing less.

And it gets in the way.

In the way of living in a peaceful and nurturing environment.

In the way of finding what we need easily.

In the way of having the life we want.

It’s just in the way.

I’ve developed a couple of tools that help me (although it is something I have to keep an eye on all the time).

I pick something up and ask myself…

  • Is it making me money?
  • Do I LOVE it?
  • Am I using it?

The second one is to get rid of something every time I bring in something new.  So if I get a new article of clothing, I have to get rid of at least one thing already in my closet.  If I get a new book, it has to fit on my bookshelf

What tools have been most effective for you and what can you eliminate today so you can find yourself in a peaceful and nurturing environment?


Crow Wing Crest Lake

Crow Wing Crest Lake in Akeley…such a peaceful view

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