Life Lesson 24: Beauty All Around

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Beauty is there in everything…we just have to be willing to see it.

While these aren’t all great pictures…they are all great moments in my life.  And the purpose here is to find the beauty in everything, regardless of what it looks like on the surface.

Old letters

Old letters found at a thrift store.

Stella and Stanley

Two best friends hanging out together.

Setting Sun

The sun setting behind the clouds.

Orange and Purple Flowers

A bed of beautiful flowers.

Amazing Clouds

Amazing Clouds

Old Truck

An old truck found at a thrift store that used to be an “everything you need” kind of store where someone shopped as a young child. This truck represents the reconnection of positive childhood memories.


Spending the day with my grandson, Finn, at the Maple Grove Community Center.


Butterflies enjoying the company of a young girl at the fair.

ZZ Top

A great summertime concert for someone special’s birthday.

Minnehaha Falls

Minnehaha Falls on a beautiful day.


What do you see in your world?  Are you looking around you?  What do you see?
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