Life Lesson 11: Busy Is Bullshit

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I used to be the kind of person who ran, ran, ran.  I worked all the time and then would take classes and whatever to stay busy when I wasn’t working.  The truth was, I wasn’t very happy and I didn’t want to have any down time for fear I might actually connect with how unhappy I was.  If I did have downtime, I would fill it with mindless TV or some other similar activity.  Still keeping myself safe from allowing myself to feel much of anything.

But being busy is bullshit.

Filling our lives full of activities doesn’t make us look important.  It doesn’t keep us safe.  It doesn’t make the hurt or unhappiness go away.  It just keeps us from connecting to who we really are…what we really feel…to those around us…to the world.


One of the images from the photo shoot I did at the Arboretum. She was so fun to work with as a model. She just seemed to be enjoying herself so much and was so laid back.

Downtime is really important. It is in this space we connect to our feelings, to others, to the world.

Give yourself the gift of downtime today.  Hang out in a park…smile…laugh…sit on the couch for 10 minutes and do nothing…just enjoy some downtime.

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