Life Lesson 12: Love Your Life

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To have a life you love, you must love the life you have.

I don’t mean just the good stuff…I mean all of it. You must truly love it all.  I don’t mean find the silver lining…I mean as is, messiness and all.

Pure love without conditions or judgements.

Can you find a space in which you can love that old car or the fact that you have to work at something you’d prefer not to work at or that you don’t have the income you wish you had?

Can you find a space to love the peeling wallpaper or the stained sofa or the messiness of a painful divorce?

You must be able to love it all.  To honor it all.

Only then will you have a life you love.

beautiful skyWhat is it that you have been NOT loving in your life?  What can you do to eliminate it or bring it into a space of love?
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