I’ve Started a Task Force

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Being inspired doesn’t happen naturally for most people.   People create a life for themselves that include things that inspire them on a regular basis and that’s how they end up more and more “in the flow”, feeling inspired in many areas of their life.  Michelle Shaeffer recently wrote an article about business zombies – those things in life that hold us back from being successful in our business when we are self employed.  Those same zombies can impact your life as a whole, after all, if someone is self employed – their business is only a reflection of their personal life – we can’t really separate the two.

My zombies include:

  • “Don’t have time”
  • “I’m not creative.”
  • “Don’t have the supplies I need”
  • “I’m too tired”
  • “I don’t have space to do that right now”
  • “I shouldn’t be playing when there is work to do”

These are just a few of the key players in my very own little zombie gang.  This gang has initiations that would blow your mind.  To get into the gang, they need to:

  • Stop me in my tracks
  • Make me doubt myself
  • Make me get in a boxing ring with myself and fight to the finish (what a crazy visual this creates)
  • Sometimes, it even feels like they are holding a gun to my head and forcing me to do things that don’t feed my soul (I hate this feeling)

Do you have your own gang of zombies?  What kind of initiations do they require to join?  Are you willing to start a task force to eliminate all the gangs in your life?

Our purpose here is to be happy, to feel inspired, to enjoy life, to love…

What are you willing to do today to create this in your life?


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