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This post is coming through a little later than planned.  The past couple of days my internet has been sketchy at best at home so when I sat down to upload this last night, after an hour of trying and getting no where, I stopped fighting with the almighty Charter beast and went to bed. I was tired and frustrated – two things that are not always conducive to being in the flow, an important piece of creativity.

I could have continued to fight it but I’m not sure the energy would have been the energy I wanted here and finally, we seem to have full-functioning internet, interestingly, after a full night of sleep.  Was it the sleep that did it?  Did Charter know I was on the verge?   Did they know I was considering ways to take them out?  Who knows.  What’s important is that we recognize when we aren’t in the right place to be creative and take steps to move through that state of being.  Whether it be a good night’s sleep or a great cup of coffee or a meaningful conversation with a good friend, we need to find ways to shift our energy.

Are there people in your life who do this really well?  People you admire for their ability to be creative at (what looks like) the drop of a hat?  Here’s today’s activity:

  1. Make a list of up to 5 people in your life who you admire for their creative ability.
  2. What is it that you admire?
  3. What do you see as their ability to be so creative whenever they want or need to be?
  4. Next, think back to a time when you were really creative, completely being in the flow – maybe to the point someone had to “snap you out of it” because you were so engaged, you were forgetting to take care of other things…
  5. What was it in that moment that made it so easy to lose track of time and everything around you?
  6. As you reflect, make a list of things you observe about these experiences.  Were you well rested?  Hydrated? Had you eaten recently?  What was the space around you like?  Clear of clutter?  Had all the tools around you that you needed?  Was there music playing?
  7. Are there patterns emerging?  Things that always seem to be present when you are at your most creative?

Watch for the patterns and identify what enhances your creativity.  Create a mini-ritual to prepare yourself and your space when you are setting aside time to be creative.  If you find setting aside time to be challenging, consider taking classes or scheduling time with a friend as a way of ensuring you take time to be creative in your life.  You will be amazed at how your life changes.

What kind of things came up for you here.  Please take a moment to share.  List on paper or list in your head – both may have valuable information that will help not only yourself but someone else in this challenge.  I can’t wait to hear what works best for you!!!


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